July 5, 2022

Bruce Schneier is a well-known security expert who has been dubbed a “security guru” by “The Economist.” Schneier’s blog is a must-read for everyone interested in cybersecurity. He has authored several books, articles, and security studies on the subject of cybersecurity.

Richard Bejtlich is a lead security strategist at corelight and was previously the chief security strategist at FireEye. Richard is the author of the Tao Security blog.

Privacy Paradox enables you to comprehend security policies from a legal standpoint – to put it another way, “where law meets privacy,” you will have a deeper understanding of security methods.

Wired is an online magazine based in the United States that focuses on technology-related problems and news. Wired also covers internet privacy, cybercriminal dangers, system security, and the newest security warnings, among other issues. We’ve made it easy to buy guest posts opportunities in your niche. Buy guest posts on real sites for powerful backlinks. Get in-content, white hat backlinks from highly relevant niche sites. Boost organic rankings and get more traffic for your target keywords. 

PC Magazine’s Lead Analyst is Neil Rubenking. You may read his blog  for technical advise on firewalls, antivirus, and in-depth analysis of security products, which should put him on your “cybersecurity blogs” to follow list if you’re looking for this kind of information.

The Network Computing cybersecurity blog focuses on security solutions for delivering apps and services in a corporate world that is becoming increasingly dangerous.

The EFF is the most powerful NGO. It primarily focuses on ensuring that as our use of technology expands, our rights and freedoms are strengthened and preserved.

Another excellent resource is security boulevard, an online community where you can get a wealth of information about cybersecurity news, dangers, and other topics.


Each of these cybersecurity blogs provides a unique and in-depth look at cybercrime and cybersecurity. Use these blogs to learn about cybersecurity and improve your understanding on how to monitor and safeguard your company’s security. Every day is a new challenge for cyber professionals, thus it is recommended that you keep informed.

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