If you are running a business then one of the main objectives will be to increase the sales and bring more profit to the company. For increasing the sales in your company you should get hold of potential customers. Lead generation is important for businesses all over the world. While generating leads a business may come across many types of customers like genuine customers and the ones who are just casually checking out. only some among them will be able to become a qualified lead and the paying customer. but the most difficult thing is to identify the potential customers among the mics. We have to measure a customer’s interest by assigning priority to each of them based on some predetermined factors to identify qualified leads. And this is where the lead scoring model or lead scoring tool comes into use.

 Lead scoring

 What is a lead scoring tool? It is a tool which will help you identify the qualified leads so that you can close deals with them after analyzing and measuring their interest and fixing their score to each of them, And The lead with the highest score depicts high interest.  Lead scoring helps businesses to increase the chance of closing a deal by 20%. For example if there are thousands of applications or leads within the business then each one of those will be analyzed and the score will be given to All those leads. And if you’re wondering on what basis these scores are given then it is on factors like demographics website or e-mail interactions CRM data or lead source.


 According to reports and sources Lee scoring is one of the best ways to focus on customers. Majority of the be to be marketers use lead scoring tools to prioritize Leeds because this has helped the businesses to convert their leads to potential customers. There are certain factors to keep in mind to choose the ideal lead scoring tool for your business :-


TOP 12 Lead Scoring Tools

Here are some of the top 12 lead scoring tools –

1. Engage Bay

This is the software to rank first when it comes to lead scoring tools. This tool will help you categorize leads into segments for personalized and targeted communication. It is an all in one unified lead scoring and segmentation tool. With this lead scoring tool you can customize how you score your leads. And also track on who to follow up with. There is no need to manually score leads as there is an automation feature. This software also has CRM integration. There are free and premium plans available in this software but the predictive lead scoring is not available in the free plan and to get that you have to pay.

2. Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is a cloud based software and it can be used by businesses from big to small. This software will help you generate leads based on demographics, behavior and negative scoring. Zoho CRM has multiple scoring models for different departments of your business. There are options to monitor every aspect of the lead scoring process. It has the feature of running personalized campaigns through Email. A free plan is available in Zoho CRM and the ultimate plan costs $45/month. But the integration and lead scoring feature is not available in the free plan. Also sometimes the customer service can be slow.

3. Brevo

It is also a cloud based CRM software and it is also good for all types of businesses. It also helps you to access the level of engagement from the leads. The user will understand the conversion potential of all the leads if a proper model is set up. Leads with high scores will start getting campaigns automatically so that it will help in the conversion. And the leads with lower scores will get content to build their interest. It also has a free plan but this software is not the perfect one for beginners.

4. Mailchimp

It is a web based marketing automation software which has lead scoring for SMBs and E-Commerce businesses. This also provides email marketing facilities for businesses of all sizes. We can separate the audience into different lists depending on their score. It will analyze the past interaction of the existing customers to identify their engagement with the product or service. It also helps us understand if there is any change in the behavior of the leads. This software has a free plan but it doesn’t provide the email facility and lead scoring in it.

5. HubSpot Sales Hub


This is an all-in-one automation software. Along with its marketing and service hub it also provides a predictive lead scoring facility and like most of the software it automatically prioritizes leads according to the data points given by the businesses. This software will be very much helpful for a growing business as it will reduce a lot of workload in the process of lead scoring. It also uses machine learning to predict buying intent from the customer side. The custom scoring system of this software enables the users to create up to 25 scoring systems. This platform is easy to use and also provides a free version but the scoring feature is only made available in the premium plan.

6. Freshsales

 This software is the best for B2B companies, SaaS, eCommerce and tech related companies. This is an AI based lead scoring tool and it will provide precise data for ranking sales leads. The software will automatically add points to the leads that meet the expectations of a loyal customer and also provide an increase or decrease in the lead score weekly and also gain insights for the reason behind the change in score. There is a free version for the software but it doesn’t allow lead scoring but the reporting option is not available in the free plan. The customer support feature also needs improvement.


7.  Drift

This is also a cloud based marketing software and it uses chatbots and automations to convert the visitors into potential leads. With the chatbot facility available you can interact with the customer and understand their needs and preferences. This software also uses machine learning algorithms to identify leads that can be converted into customers. Even though there are so many good features in this software they don’t offer a free version and also the premium versions of it are very much expensive.

8. LinkedIn sales navigator

 This is a sales tool offered by LinkedIn and it helps in businesses building a relationship with potential leads. This provides the facility of saving leads and tracking their activities for always staying informed. It will also help in the identification of leads associated with companies connected to the LinkedIn network. Free version of this is not available but anyways all its premium versions does have a free trial.

9. Salesforce sales cloud

This tool is mainly for SaaS companies and it is mainly used for closing deals with customers, providing ranks to the leads and analyzing their activities and behavior. Using this tool will help you in automatically passing the potential leads to the sales department. It will also help you in managing contact details of leads. Even though there is a 30 day free trial for this tool they don’t have a free version and there are extra charges for lead scoring.

10. Monday

This tool helps in tracking new leads and monitoring the process. They offer customizable pipelines and account and contact management features. This tool is recognized for providing scores to lead and also understanding their behavior. There are also Email tracking and automation features in this tool. They do not have a free version and have limited marketing tools in the premium versions also.

11. Marketo Engage

This  is one of the leading B2B marketing automation  platforms and it brings together sales and marketing together to create strategies for generating and converting leads. There is also a life cycle tracking system which helps you track the entire leaf life cycle. This software also provides the pleasure of assessing the scoring model set by us and helps us understand how well it will perform. This is a platform mainly for huge companies and they don’t have any free plan. Also there will be steep jumps in pricing as well.

12.  Active Campaign

This is also one of the popular marketing software which is suitable for all the businesses and has analytics and reporting features. This tool has so many features and this can sometimes be very much complex for companies that are looking for simple marketing tools. This software will also help in understanding whether the leads are showing positive or negative interaction and with that we can approach the customers who showed positive interactions. They also do not offer a free plant and also there is no advanced CRM feature.

 From the above article there is a clear picture of  the features of each tool. And you can also know whether there is a free plan in it or not. A lead scoring tool is the need of the hour if you are facing troubles with identifying potential customers. And you can identify the tool which best suits your requirements from the list above.

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