Pet Cat Starts Attacking Anyone Who Separates Her From the Newborn Baby

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Jennifer and Julian have been enjoying a normal life until Jennifer gave birth to their daughter. Ever since they brought the baby home, their pet cat Luna started acting differently. For one, Luna seems to have a weird attachment to their daughter.

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Luna would not allow the baby to sleep alone and would not stop meowing when they get separated. It came to the point where Luna became aggressive. When Julian realized what was going on, he could not believe it and immediately called the cops.

Their fur baby

Julian and Jennifer had been married for a while and they have been trying for a baby. Meanwhile, they decided to get a cat and named it Luna. While waiting for their time to be parents, they doted on their pet cat and treated Luna like she was their own baby.

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When Jennifer finally got pregnant, Julian and Jennifer were over the moon. They have been waiting for this for a long time. But then, they also became concerned with how the very spoiled Luna would react to having a new baby in the house.

Strange behavior

Once Jennifer’s pregnancy bump was showing, Luna had been acting strange. This worried Jennifer, who have heard stories about spoiled animals who were not welcoming toward new family members in the house.


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Jennifer’s fears started to grow as her belly continued to grow. Luna does not seem to like the pregnancy. She kept meowing at the sight of Jennifer’s belly. It was very strange. They could not figure out what was triggering this behavior. Did Luna feel threatened?

Their unborn child

Jennifer became bothered to the point that she asked Julian to take Luna to the vet. They had to make sure nothing was wrong with Luna. The vet ran several tests on Luna but could not find anything wrong.

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The vet suggested to Julian that they should check on the baby – sometimes animals can sense if something is wrong with an unborn child. When Julian told Jennifer, she started crying. If nothing was wrong with Luna then the problem may be her baby.

The checkup

Jennifer agreed to go on a checkup. Since Julian had to work, Jennifer called her friend, Eve. Eve has been helping them out ever since Jennifer got pregnant. Eve was available to drive Jennifer to the hospital and keep her company during the checkup.

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Jennifer went through several elaborate medical tests to make sure that she and the baby are alright. The doctor could not find anything wrong with Jennifer or the baby. When Jennifer and Eve arrived home, Jennifer started to break down.

Welcoming their baby

Jennifer did not want to choose between Luna and her baby but she knows that when the time comes, Luna will have to go. Eve comforted Jennifer and told her not to worry too much. She will always be around to help even when the baby is born.

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Jennifer gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. She named her Lily. Meanwhile, Eve stayed at their home to take care of Luna while Julian and Jennifer were in the hospital. The couple was grateful to Eve for her friendship.

Going back to work

When it was time to bring Lily home, Jennifer was relieved to find that Luna did not act out. Their beloved cat seemed to have calmed down. Whatever was bothering her during the pregnancy seemed to have gone.

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The first few weeks went by fine as Julian and Jennifer stayed home to take care of their baby. But Luna started acting up again when they went back to work and left Eve in charge to care for Lily and Luna.

A concern was raised

Eve called Jennifer and told her she was concerned because Luna would not let Lily sleep alone. Every time the baby is down for a nap, Luna would insist on staying by Lily’s side. Jennifer and Julian did not think much of it. Maybe Luna was just caring for Lily and feeling overprotective.

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After all, it was usual for family pets to become protective of kids that have grown up around them. It is actually a very beautiful thing. Julian and Jennifer think that it should not be a matter of concern. So they did not put much thought into it.

Cat attack

Then, a few days later, Eve called Julian. She sounded very upset and she was getting hysterical. Eve told Julian that Luna had attacked her and she had scratches all over her arms and legs. It all started when she put Lily down to sleep in the crib.

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Eve closed the door behind her, which prevented Luna from following them and getting into the nursery. She said she did not notice this until she went outside the nursery. Luna was waiting outside the door and started to attack her.

Another trip to the vet

Julian found this all to be strange since Luna had never acted out aggressively to anyone – even to strangers. The attack on Eve also bothered Jennifer. It was very unexpected coming from their beloved cat. What had gotten into Luna?

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Julian decided to take Luna to the vet again – maybe there was just something bothering their cat. Sadly, the vet found nothing wrong with Luna. Julian told the vet about Luna not allowing Lily to sleep alone. The vet said there must be a reason why Luna felt protective.

A strong bond

The vet then suggested to Julian that he should observe the two together. If Luna continues to misbehave, they should consider giving her up and leaving her in a shelter. The shelter would help Luna find another good home for her to settle in.

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Jennifer was not willing to give Luna up just like that. So, they decided to observe the two together first. Lily and Luna seemed to have a strong attachment to each other. Could it be that Luna was just being overprotective? It was then that Julian realized something.

A ridiculous theory

Luna was calm when he and Jennifer were around. Luna was only acting aggressively when they leave Lily with Eve. It must be Eve that Luna mistrusts. Jennifer refused to accept Julian’s theory. Eve had been a good friend and she was a big help.

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Not everyone would be willing to take care of a baby that is not even related by blood but Eve did. So, Julian came up with an idea. They should install some cameras around the house so that they could observe Luna while Eve is babysitting Lily.

Installing cameras

When Eve came by the next day, she caught Julian in the act of installing the cameras. She looked disturbed by it and asked him if it was necessary. The fact that she questioned it made Julian more suspicious of Eve.

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Julian reviewed the footage every night and found nothing out of the ordinary. As Eve had told them, Luna constantly protectively hovered around Lily. It really looked like Luna did not trust Eve but he did not have enough proof yet to show Jennifer.

The confrontation

However, Julian was feeling impatient. He did not want to give up Luna so he decided to confront Eve by coming home earlier than usual. Eve was caught off guard as Julian came barging into the house and started to yell at her.

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After recovering from the shock, anger took over. Eve became furious. She does not get why Julian would accuse her of being a threat to Lily. Luna acts aggressively even at night. The two were in the middle of a heated argument when Jennifer got home.

She slipped up

Jennifer could not believe that Julian started accusing Eve out of the blue. Eve was practically her best friend and she has done so much! Jennifer made an ultimatum. Julian had to figure things out by the end of the week or they had to let Luna go.

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Later, Julian realized something. How would Eve know how Luna acts at night when she’s only in the house during the day? It occurred to him that he never checked the night footage because Eve had gone home by then.

Missing footage

After this realization, Julian hurriedly got out of bed and into his home office. But when he tried to retrieve the night time footage, he noticed something odd. The night recordings have been erased. Now that was suspicious.

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But Julian needed solid proof. So he created a separate and encrypted backup. The next day, Julian decided to work from home. When Jennifer left for work, he retrieved the security footage from his backup. What he saw was disturbing.

The revelation

The footage in the baby’s room caught something disturbing. Julian saw that someone tried to enter the room through the window. He immediately called the police. Julian told the cops what his security cameras captured and they sent out a team right away.

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Julian called Jennifer and told her to come home immediately. Julian just finished showing the footage to the cops when Jennifer arrived. She watched the footage herself and felt weak at the knees. She could not understand what was going on.

Showing the cops something

The cops asked if they could check the nursery. Luna was there with Lily. As soon as they entered the room, Luna went to a cabinet and started meowing at it as if she was showing them something. The cops decided to take a look at the cabinet.

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Jennifer and Julian watched as the cops went through the cabinet. They found a small and portable safe tucked in the very back of the cabinet. It was hidden behind a bunch of old clothes. Julian told the cops that they do not own the safe.

Under cover

Things got serious very quick when the cops managed to open the safe. To everyone’s surprise, it contained money, jewelry, and several passports. The passports had Eve’s pictures but were under different names.

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The cops immediately called for backup to trace down Eve. They also requested a priority background check on her. It revealed that Eve is an international spy who is wanted in 17 countries for espionage.