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Tanhaji Movie Download 2020 4movierulz & filmyzilla Tanhaji Movie Review & Release date a complet guide. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” is a 2020 Bollywood historical action film directed by Om Raut and produced by Ajay Devgn.

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History Of Tanhaji Movie :-

“Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” is a 2020 Bollywood historical action film directed by Om Raut and produced by Ajay Devgn, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, and Kajol in lead roles. The movie is based on the life of Tanaji Malusare, a Maratha warrior, and his efforts to reclaim the Kondhana fortress from the Mughal Empire in the 17th century.

The film’s cinematography, direction, and visual effects are exceptional. The action scenes are well choreographed and executed, and the film captures the essence of the 17th-century Maratha culture and warfare. The background score and music of the movie are also commendable and help to elevate the film’s overall impact. Tanhaji movie download filmyzilla.

Story Line of Tanhaji Movie

Ajay Devgn delivers a stunning performance as Tanaji Malusare, portraying the warrior’s bravery, loyalty, and devotion to his motherland. Saif Ali Khan, who plays the antagonist Udaybhan Rathod, also gives a noteworthy performance and adds depth to his character. Kajol, who plays the role of Tanaji’s wife, provides a strong emotional backbone to the film.

The film’s pacing is well-balanced, and the story moves forward with ease, making for an enjoyable cinematic experience. The dialogues are impactful and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Here is this article you know how tanhaji movie download 720p.

The film’s historical accuracy has been questioned by some critics, but the movie stays true to the spirit of the Maratha Empire and its warriors. The film’s themes of patriotism, loyalty, and sacrifice are timeless and resonate with the audience.

Overall, “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” is a well-made film that tells the story of a brave warrior and his selfless devotion to his motherland. The film’s direction, acting, and cinematography make it a must-watch for fans of historical dramas and action films alike.

Tanhaji Bollywwod Movie 2020 Cast

The cast of “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” includes some of Bollywood’s biggest names, as well as talented newcomers. Here is a list of the movie’s main cast:

  1. Ajay Devgn as Tanaji Malusare
  2. Saif Ali Khan as Udaybhan Rathod
  3. Kajol as Savitribai Malusare
  4. Sharad Kelkar as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  5. Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb
  6. Padmavati Rao as Rajmata Jijabai
  7. Neha Sharma as Kamla Devi
  8. Devdatta Nage as Suryaji Malusare
  9. Ajinkya Deo as Pisal
  10. Shashank Shende as Shelaar Mama
  11. Hardik Sangani as Gondya
  12. Vipul Gupta as Jagat Singh
  13. Trisha Patil as young Kamla Devi

Each actor delivers a strong performance, bringing their characters to life and adding depth to the film’s story. Ajay Devgn’s portrayal of Tanaji Malusare is particularly noteworthy, as he convincingly portrays the warrior’s bravery and loyalty to his motherland. Saif Ali Khan’s performance as the antagonist, Udaybhan Rathod, is also praiseworthy, as he adds complexity to the character’s motivations and actions. Overall, the cast of “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” contributes greatly to the film’s success and impact.

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Tanhaji Bollywwod Movie 2020 Release Date

“Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” was released in India on January 10, 2020. The film had a worldwide release on the same day, and it was also made available in 3D format. The release date was strategically chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Sinhagad, which is the pivotal event in the movie’s storyline. The film’s release was highly anticipated, given its star-studded cast and the buzz generated by its marketing campaign. Upon its release, the movie received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, and it went on to become a massive commercial success at the box office.

Tanhaji movie download filmyzilla

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