Can I get into HBS with an average GMAT score? | What is a high GMAT Score For Harvard Top MBA Program?

| What is a good GMAT score for Harvard Business School MBA Admission? What Harvard GMAT prep is effective?

If you are thinking about earning a Masters in Business Administration, you have probably heard of Harvard Business School (MBA). It makes sense that the majority of MBA candidates consider Harvard Business School (HBS) to be their ideal business school.

Given how highly regarded a Harvard MBA is, you must invest a lot of time and effort into your application. In several ways, the application procedure is similar to that of other MBA programmes. You must, however, satisfy the requirements of the Harvard admissions committee in order to be accepted. Harvard is very selective about who it admits; over 90% of MBA programme applications were denied last year.

If you meet the requirements and want to attend HBS but are concerned about the application process, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about applying to Harvard Business School.

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Why Are Business Schools So Concerned With the GMAT? Do test results really matter at Harvard Business School?

Why Are Business Schools So Concerned With the GMAT?

The most prestigious business schools in the United Kingdom acknowledge the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as a valid predictor of students’ potential for academic success in their degree programmes. You demonstrate your passion and motivation when you apply to graduate school with a competitive GMAT exam score, which helps you during the admissions process

Good GMAT scores show that you can handle the coursework.

Business schools evaluate your GMAT score to determine whether or not you will be able to complete their academic programme. Your performance in this section will be used to determine whether you have the verbal, quantitative, and critical thinking abilities required to successfully complete the course material, which will cover subjects like economics, strategy, and finance. Finding students who will succeed in the programme is one of the admissions staff’s most crucial responsibilities.

The system used to rank MBA programmes

Since these rankings are based on the average GMAT score rather than the median score, every point matters and is taken into consideration. Whether student #1 increases their score from 680 to 690 or student #2 increases their score from 760 to 770 has no bearing on how the average is determined. The average GMAT score benefits equally from both increases of ten points, which improves the institution’s ranking.

Because GMAT averages must be maintained, highly qualified students with high GMAT scores frequently receive merit-based scholarships. [Reference required] [Reference required] The majority of the top business schools in the country, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton, have average GMAT scores of around 730. This means that while a score of 770 is +40 points above the average, a score of 740, which is generally regarded as “excellent,” is only +10 points higher.

The average score can easily be raised with the help of those extra 40 points. The institution may decide to maintain its average GMAT score while admitting students with lower GMAT scores who have shown exceptional ability in other areas. Both of these outcomes are advantageous to business schools, which is why so many institutions provide scholarships to applicants who have received high GMAT scores in an effort to persuade them to enrol.

(At Least) Some Post-MBA Employers View GMAT Scores as Important

Regarding the employment opportunities that may be open to you in many circumstances, your GMAT score is important. Many firms in the financial and consulting sectors, including Bain, McKinsey, and BCG, take the GMAT into consideration when choosing which students to interview. You might be in a position to be a strong candidate and have an advantage over other applicants if you receive a high score.

Do test results really matter at Harvard Business School?

At least on paper, Harvard Business School doesn’t favour GMAT or GRE scores. The Harvard Business School accepts both domestic and international students. The same admissions criteria apply to applicants from abroad, out-of-state, and within the same country. The applicant must also submit a TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson Test of English (PTE) with their application if they earned their undergraduate degree in a language other than English. A minimum TOEFL IBT score of 109, an IELTS score of 7.5, and a PTE score of 75 are required of students. Before you can enrol at Harvard, you must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree at a US institution that is accredited or its equivalent internationally.

Harvard Business School does not have a minimum GPA, GMAT, or GRE requirement for admission. However, most recently, Harvard Business School accepted candidates with a GPA of 3.7 and a median GMAT score of 730. The total number of accepted students had a work history that, on average, spanned 4.7 years and included a variety of experience in different industries. Engineering, business, and economics are the three top undergraduate fields that are represented in the MBA programme at Harvard Business School. Reading between the lines reveals that you require a score of 750 in order to stand out from the many applicants. A lot of students have achieved 790 through diligence and effort.

Only 900 students can be admitted at a time to Harvard Business School, and the average admission rate is around 11%. 46% of women and 37% of international applicants accepted for the 2020–21 academic year were international. Numerous students have previously received admission to Harvard from other prestigious US universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Yale, Duke, and Cornell.

What GMAT score is required to enrol in one of HBS’s top MBA programmes?

Harvard reports the class median rather than the average GMAT score. Harvard’s GMAT score is 730 on average. This gives you an idea of where you stand, at least in terms of how competitive the GMAT is. The median GMAT verbal and quant scores at Harvard, broken down by section, are 49 and 41, respectively.

It is one of the best in the world, with only the Stanford MBA class average GMAT, at 738, being higher than the Harvard median GMAT.

Harvard will still take into account your application even if your GMAT score is below 730 if the rest of it is strong.

A minimum of one applicant with a low GMAT score of 590-790, or even an 800, was accepted by HBS, according to the average Harvard GMAT score range for the MBA class of 2022, which is 590-790. (the highest GMAT score you can get is 800). Despite the fact that GMAT scores in the 500s are thought to be subpar, many of the world’s top business schools accept applicants with these scores.

Are you going to apply to Harvard? Is a Harvard MBA worth the money? What is the process for applying to HBS?

A HBS MBA is unquestionably worthwhile. Although you could argue that Harvard’s MBA programme is identical to that offered at other universities, the fact remains that Harvard is a leader for a reason: it has a long history of producing outstanding graduates who have gone on to hold prestigious positions in business, finance, and other sectors, and it has a longstanding tradition of academic excellence. Undoubtedly, whether from Harvard or not, an MBA is worthwhile, but having the designation of a Harvard MBA not only gives you access to a wide range of opportunities, but it also enables you to network. You can quickly realise your entrepreneurial dreams with the assistance of your network of friends and associates. It is even simpler to have a network based in Harvard.

As we discuss the value of Harvard, take a look at these figures: 96% of Harvard business school alums find work after earning their degree. Fewer than three months after graduation, many receive job offers. Additionally, Harvard’s MBA can help you secure coveted business internships even if you are not offered a job.

What is the procedure for applying to HBS?

Nearly 750 applicants are accepted each year by Harvard for its MBA programme. HBS also provides executive education and doctoral programmes. Some of these initiatives collaborate with different institutions, like Harvard Law School or Harvard Medical School.

A number of prerequisites must be met in order to be admitted to Harvard Business School.


You must obtain a competitive GMAT or GRE score in order to be eligible to apply to HBS. The median score for accepted students is 730. With score, the likelihood of approval rises. Consider retaking the exam if you have time before the application deadline and your score is lower than a 700.

Ideally, you should spend three to four months preparing for the GMAT. Tim Chaves, an HBS alumnus, suggests that you should aim to score 20+ points above the median, or a 750, in order to have the best chance of admission.

College Grades

You need to have high grades in college to get into Harvard. Harvard takes your college grades into account when assessing your application, but if you don’t have a 4.0 GPA, don’t worry; HBS will also take into account your major and how challenging the school was. Be careful to perform well consistently throughout college.

Letters of Character Reference

Not least, you require letters of recommendation that are exceptional. Choose your recommenders wisely because they will need to evaluate you on a range of traits related to your character and career. If your goal is to apply in a few years, concentrate on giving everything you have at work. If you succeed in doing this, your recommendation letter will be improved.

Streamline the application voids

Certain elements of your Harvard Business School application, like your GPA or your company’s reputation, might be outside of your control. Make an effort to perform well in each of the following areas: the interview, essays, GMAT score, and recommendation letters.

Where do I apply?

Although the Harvard MBA application process is not drawn out, you must polish your skill set, write an outstanding personal statement, and have excellent GMAT/GRE scores along with a strong undergraduate GPA.


A written document is the first step in the Harvard Business School application process. You must send in your resume, credentials, and GMAT/GRE scores. If you are an international applicant, you might also need to submit your TOEFL/IELTS/PTE score. You must agree to the policies and pay the $250 application fee in order to submit your application.


Once you submit your application, each section is carefully reviewed by the admissions committee. If the admissions committee determines that everything about you is acceptable, you might be asked to participate in an interview. You should be aware that, if you are successful in getting an interview, you are already in a better position than the majority of applicants.

Review of Interviews

You are required to submit a written reflection of the conversation you had during the interview within 24 hours of the interview. It is necessary to submit this analysis of the online application process.

Make a fantastic personal statement.

It won’t matter if you meet all the requirements for admission to HBS unless you can persuade Harvard that you are the ideal fit. Make sure your personal statement is brief and to the point in order to help you stand out. Tell the admissions committee about yourself, your interests, and your professional history.

possess work experience that is relevant.

You should try to gain at least three to four years of work experience before applying to HBS. Even though Harvard offers a four-year programme that allows undergraduate candidates to be admitted and then work for two years to gain some work experience, you should aim to have at least three years of job experience before attending HBS. The professors will be impressed by your work experience and you’ll be able to tackle problems more successfully. Additionally, you will be able to apply your knowledge and participate actively in class discussions.

Be unique.

Make certain the Harvard Business School admissions committee is aware of your unique qualifications. As was already mentioned, case studies are used by HBS to instruct students. Each student is given the opportunity to express their unique ideas through the case study method.

If every student has the same opinions, the case study method will be useless. Therefore, you must have a unique voice. Be sure to highlight your unique voice in your application and explain to the admissions committee how it might be helpful in the classroom.

Check out the Adcom Q&A session on YouTube for answers if you still have questions about the admissions process.

What GMAT score should applicants to the Harvard MBA programme aim for? What is the acceptance rate? Does the GPA average score matter in 2023? How about the GRE?

What GMAT score should applicants to the Harvard MBA programme aim for?

HBS admissions has high requirements for the students they select for placements, so a poor GMAT score won’t be tolerated. The range of 730 to 790 is where the median GMAT scores of Harvard business students fall. To get that grade, you will have to put in a lot of effort. You need perfect GMAT scores to stand out in your application process due to the large number of applicants who submit applications each year. Your application and personal statement should be sufficiently strong for Harvard to consider you in addition to the GMaAT.

What is the acceptance rate?

Harvard saw an increase in applications from around the world of 43% in 2021 alone. Only 1,954 of the 61,220 applicants were accepted by Harvard, a school with a notoriously low acceptance rate (a 3.2% admission rate). Harvard accepted 740 applicants from the early decision round and 1,214 applicants from the regular round.

Along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all 50 US states, the entering class includes students from 98 different countries. A total of 20.5% of accepted students are eligible for Pell Grants, which are frequently awarded to students from low-income families, and 18 new students will be veterans.

The Harvard class of 2022 consists of:

Black or African American: 15.5% Latinx: 12.6% Native American: 2.9% Asian American: 27.8%

54.2% of people identify as female, 0.8% as Native Hawaiian.

Does the GPA average score matter in 2023?

The average GPA at Harvard is 4.18. Harvard is very competitive for GPAs as a result.

Harvard requires applicants to be at the top of their class with a 4.18 GPA. You will need to get almost all As in order to compete with other applications. You should also have finished a sizable number of AP or IB classes to demonstrate your ability to excel at academic difficulty.

If you are a junior or senior, it will be difficult to change your GPA going forward. To compensate for a GPA that is at or below the school average of 4.18 and show that you are prepared for college-level coursework, you will need a higher SAT score. You will have an advantage over other applicants because of this.

How about the GRE?

The GMAT and GRE are both accepted as part of the 2+2 Program application process. Neither the GMAT nor the GRE are preferred, but just like the GMAT, you must have exceptional scores to be taken into consideration for admission. According to data from 2019, Harvard’s GRE score was 329. Which means that a higher score will improve your chances.

Is a GMAT score of 720 Acceptable for Top Schools? Is it a higher-than-average GMAT score?

When their above-average GMAT scores are insufficient for admission to Harvard, many people are perplexed for a reason. The starting GMAT score range for accepted candidates is 730. Your current score might not be sufficient; in order to stand out, you must achieve much higher results. Yes, 720 is a higher-than-average score, but since there are applicants to Harvard Business School with scores as high as 730, 750, and even 790, you must fall within this range to be considered. You can enter Harvard with a good score that is in line with the HBS admitted students. If your GMAT scores are below 600, you must retake the exam.

Should I Aim for a GMAT Score Greater Than 720? What is a great total GMAT score for Harvard?

A good GMAT score can differ depending on the business schools that the applicant wishes to attend. The first thing we must understand is that “good” is a relative term. For one business school, a particular score might be acceptable, but not for another. Additionally, there are differences in admission trends; for instance, the Harvard class of 2020 had slightly lower GMAT scores.

In order to determine a desirable GMAT score, one method is to assess the average GMAT score of the incoming class of students admitted to Harvard Business School. That is not the only action, though.

A high GMAT score demonstrates academic readiness and superior intellectual prowess. By getting a high GMAT score, you can convince the admissions committees that you have what it takes to not only “get in,” but also “get through” the rigorous MBA programme. It’s one of the elements that the GMAT’s considerable weight in your MBA application depends on.

We could conclude that a GMAT score between 732 and 760 is appropriate for HBS. If a candidate receives a score above 760, they do have an advantage and are more likely to be contacted for an interview.

Even with a 750, retaking the GMAT is pointless if you’ve been working on other aspects of your application because the admissions committee looks at your entire profile once you’ve been invited for an interview.

Can I Still Get Into a Top Business School With a Low GMAT Score?

The highest score you can get on the GMAT is an 800 out of 800, which is a perfect score. You are in the 99th percentile group with a best GMAT score of 800, outperforming 99% of all applicants.

The typical GMAT score for top business schools varies. There is therefore no ideal score that should be sought after. Having a higher GMAT score will indubitably improve your chances of being accepted into a prestigious university. Students who received 620 or more in their grade need not worry about applying to business schools, though. Students with acceptable low GMAT scores are accepted by the majority of reputable business schools. Although you need more test preparation to raise your score, don’t start looking for good business schools with a score of 480.

So is a 700 on the GMAT good?

The majority of MBA experts concur that anything above 650 is excellent and anything over 700 is fine. A GMAT score of 700 or higher is typically required for admission to the best MBA programmes, though this does not automatically preclude the possibility of admission to the best business schools if your GMAT score is below 700. Most business schools consider applications with lower test scores as well.

How difficult is it to score 700 on the GMAT?

Two-thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600, so GMAC clearly paints a difficult picture of getting a 700 GMAT score. For the 2017 GMAC report, the average GMAT score across all exams was 564. A test taker with a 700 GMAT score falls into the 88th percentile for that time period, while one with a 710 GMAT score falls into the 91st percentile. GMAT percentiles demonstrate your performance in relation to all other test-takers.

According to these percentiles, you must perform better than 90% of test takers in order to obtain a GMAT score of 700. Additionally, if you want to enter the 650 bracket, you must score higher than 76% of GMAT test takers.

Should you strive for a 700+ GMAT score?

There are business schools that don’t require the GMAT and those that accept the GRE. However, for the most part, all you need to do is concentrate while taking the test and strive for the highest score. An excellent GMAT score would undoubtedly be in the 700+ range for Harvard Business School. Giving your all with a target score of 750 in mind will make it easier for you to get into Harvard.

They will undoubtedly look, despite the fact that every business school is eager to emphasise that applications involve much more than just your GMAT score. They will need justifications if you produce less-than-desirable results in order to keep you in the running. Knowing the average GMAT scores for MBA programmes around the world, especially at the B-schools you are interested in, is essential for achieving the required score.

Working with the best online GMAT tutors can make all the difference for students who are preparing for an MBA application or who are thinking about applying to Harvard. If you seek out expert assistance along the way, your chances of getting the grade you need and even excelling in areas where you currently struggle are significantly increased.

Economics tutors, or Finance tutors typically deliver lessons through an interactive whiteboard on a secure platform. Working in this manner, students advance much more quickly because they can concentrate on their particular needs and ask as many questions as necessary to fully comprehend the material.

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