Career Scope Of Cabin Crew Courses


There are many career options and endless possibilities. Like gender, our careers are pre decided, the circle revolves around doctor-engineer-doctor and there’s no end to it. However, times are changing. There is a new generation that wants to follow their passions rather than conform to society’s expectations.

Cabin Crew Courses offer many opportunities for those who are willing to let go their ten-year-old routines, and take on responsibility to make a difference and create a secure future.

Everyone dreams of becoming a cabin crew member. This is a highly-paid job that offers great benefits.

Learn more about the courses for cabin crew

Fly high is the dream of every woman.

Many courses are available

There are many courses that you can choose from depending on your interests.

Name of CourseThis course takes approximately three hours
B.Sc. B.Sc. B.Sc. B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality3 year
BBA in Airport Management and Cabin Crew Training 

Diploma courses

Training in Hospitality for Flight Hostess

> Management for aviation and hospitality

> Professional Crew services

> Tourism and Travel

Certificate courses

Name of CourseThis course takes approximately three hours
Training for Airhostess6 to 3-Months
International Airlines and Travel Management 
Management of aviation & hospitality 
Night Rating 
Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service 
Personality development 

The best programs for Air Hostess Training

  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics.
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • School of Aeronautics.
  • PTC Aviation Academy.
  • Wings Air Hostess & Hospitality Training
  • Aptech Aviation Academy.
  • Jet Ski.
  • Glider Aviation Services.

Top Recruiters

These top recruiters are for air hostesses.

  • Indian Airlines
  • Alliance Air
  • Air India
  • Sahara India
  • Fly Air
  • Jet Airways
  • British Airways
  • Indigo
  • Gulf Air
  • Delta Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines


Higher salaries are offered by international airlines than they do domestic airlines. This all depends on the experience of the airline. It can go up from Rs 80, 000 to Rs 1,25,000. It is not possible to accurately calculate the salary. The salary for international flights is 60000-100000 per monthly.


You can get free medical insurance and accommodation. Also, you get paid to travel and meet new people.

Career Scope

An Air Hostess career is an excellent opportunity to grow. After retirement, there are many options for flight attendants.

Cabin crew members have many perks and benefits.

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