July 5, 2022
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Seniors can find it difficult to move. You may be moving as an older adult for many reasons. No matter what reason, it is important to plan in advance for stress-free senior moves.

Plan at least two months in advance of your move-in date to ensure you are prepared for everything, from cleaning up to calling movers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends.

These tips will help you plan your move and can also be helpful if you are helping an elderly relative to make it stress-free. Also, if you are in Canada we are the best residential moving company in Wilmot Creek.

Create a checklist

Make sure you have a plan and a checklist in place for your move. Planning early is crucial to minimize stress and ensure you have everything you need.

A month before, book a moving company. Get started packing and contact utilities for electricity, water, and other necessities. to schedule cancellation. Notify banks and other providers about your new address.

Ask for assistance whenever you need it. Families and friends, along with a professional mover can make the move easier.

Remove clutter

Get organized as soon as you can so that you can make informed decisions about what items to keep and which to get rid of. You can sell, donate or dispose of furniture, personal items, or family heirlooms. It can be difficult to choose what to buy.

Keep a box of things you don’t want so you can return to them later. In order to determine who will be able to keep valuables, you can involve your family. You can either sell the items you don’t want or ask someone to help you donate them.

Only pack one room at a given time

Do not overload yourself with too many things at once. Take it one room at a time. You should be able to pack it all up quickly and still have some time. Label your boxes according to the space they will be used.

Essentials Box

It can take several days to unpack. You will need everything for your first night and day in your new home. Include clothing, socks, and sheets, as well as toiletries, toilet papers, and medications. You will also need clean dishes, utensils, and soap.

Home Modifications

Make sure to prepare your new home as soon as possible. You should consider modifications before you move, such as ramps for entry and exit, stairlifts, garden tubs or grab bars by the toilets and in bathrooms. Accessible shelving, non-slip mats, and personal emergency response systems can all be added.

Be Emotionally Prepared

Anyone can experience stress when moving. It’s common for people to develop moving stress syndrome. Your mental and emotional well-being is important. It is possible to feel attached and conflicted about moving. Simple strategies can help relieve your stress. If you are feeling stressed, you can get enough rest, relax, or connect with your loved ones.

Assistance to an Elderly Person

Moving If you are a relative who is helping an older relative move, it’s important to give them the space and support they need. Be gentle with them when helping them make difficult decisions such as what to keep and throw away. You can help them by hiring an experienced mover to help them settle in their new home. Help them locate new medical providers in their new location before they move.

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  • Seniors can find it difficult to move. You may be moving as an older adult for many reasons. No matter what reason, it is important to plan in advance for stress-free senior moves.
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