Earring something out of playing is the new normal for gamers!

It is time for a revolution in the gaming industry. People no longer play normal video games anymore. They instead prefer blockchain-based games now. Why? Because these games are based on the web 3.0 concept, it brings you a passive income from playing them. NFT games are games that bring fun and monetary benefits at the same time. Today a lot of NFT games are mushrooming the market and making the NFT gaming marketplaces crowded. But only a few get the spotlight, and here is one such platform that brings you cricket, fun, and rewards at the same time.

World’s first Cricket NFT game

Meta Cricket League, the world’s first-ever cricket NFT game on cricket, is something that is grabbing the attention of global gamers and cricket fans. The world of blockchain and NFTs has brought a whole new category of users who love to invest in these NFT games, play, trade, and earn from these platforms. The Jump.trade NFT gaming marketplace, which is dedicated just for these Cricket NFTs for Meta cricket league, sold out all the 55,000 NFTs of the game in just 9 minutes. The response was huge that the marketplace went high in trading the moment it went live.

The game, with its high-end graphics, already took its place in the hearts of gamers and cricket fans after the trailer launch. The closed community Beta test run and the open to all Warm up Leagues made the NFT holders excited. The prices of the cricket NFT players ranging from rookie to ultra rare are skyrocketing, and people are asking for a raise in the base price of the NFTs.

The successful Beta Test runs are a sign that the Game will come at any time soon, and the fans are getting ready with their NFTs and killer strategies to hit.


Play-to-earn games are now the trend that every gamer, from those who play for recreation to professional gamers, takes up. This new generation of gaming is bringing gaming giants and startup game developers together to take up the blockchain. Today Ubisoft, Gamestop, Zynga, and more are launching their own in-game NFTs and NFT gaming marketplaces. If you are reading this, this is ur sign to stop spending your money on traditional pay-to-play games and start earning from play-to-earn games.

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  • This is the new trend in the gaming industry. People no longer play normal video games anymore. They prefer blockchain based games instead.
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