Express VPN Sold out to Kape Technologies

Today we will talk about ExpressVPN Sold out to Kape Technologies. Should you use this now Should you purchase it? What are my opinions, we’ll know in the video today? Today we are going to talk about ExpressVPN. It is a good VPN and I have recommended it a lot.

But now it is been acquired by Kape Technologies. I don’t admire Kape Technologies. So you can view the blog article of ExpressVPN. On September 16th, they announced that Kape Technologies has acquired ExpressVPN. And here is the news article regarding ExpressVPN and Kape having a joint acquisition

This is a deal of about $936 million, roughly the figure has reached a billion. So this is the biggest deal in the VPN industry. ExpressVPN is one of the industry leaders as well, but now it is been acquired by Kape Technologies.

But I will explain this in short,. So Kape Technologies was earlier known as Crossrider. Crossrider was then renamed “Kape Technologies”. Crossrider was a malware-making company.

How to enter ads into a computer system, how to steal data from the computer, Then they acquired Cyberghost, which is a VPN. Then they gradually started to shift towards privacy and they renamed themselves Kape Technologies.

According to Malwarebytes, Crossrider is a malware-making company and they used to make malware for macOS and Windows. There are some news articles, where they used to inject ads into the browser and earn money from them.

How ExpressVPN Sold out to Kape Technologies?

There were fake installs of flash player and this was the malware of the Crossrider only. They do not manufacture malware now but previously made malware is still being recognized. This is an article from 2019, it is an old article, but the malware was viewed till then.

So they have a history in the creation of malware, but now they have suddenly shifted themselves to privacy concerns. Directly towards VPN, Data security.

From Data Selling to Data Security. They acquired Cyberghot, which is an okayish VPN. Then they acquired PrivateInternetAccess. It is a good VPN, they have a good service

The best part is that PrivateInternetAccess is still the same after the acquisition. So it is good that there are no major changes in it. So it is possible that ExpressVPN has no changes in it. The way they have kept PrivateInternetAccess separately, in the same way, ExpressVPN can be like that.

According to the article by ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN has clearly mentioned its Terms and Conditions. The team that used to operate ExpressVPN till now, would be the same after the acquisition. All the terms and conditions, and privacy policy will not have any changes

ExpressVPN will operate in the same manner as it was before,

The ownership will change, this is clarified by ExpressVPN. If this happens then it is good, as ExpressVPN is a really good VPN. Regular audits will help in maintaining trust. So this was the story of ExpressVPN and Kape Technologies.

Now I will tell what are my opinions

Will I be keeping ExpressVPN on top? So for me, the team matters a lot. The ownership of the company is really important. So due to this, I will recommend ExpressVPN as it is still a good VPN. I will not recommend it at the top or at the best

It will be down the order now. I am going to recommend ExpressVPN after Nord and Surfshark. If you do not like Nord and Surfshark then you can refer to ExpressVPN. You can take your own decision.

I have provided the information. PrivateInternetAccess was also acquired, but there are no changes. It is just the same as it is before. So there is the possibility of no changes in ExpressVPN. The ownership has changed to Kape Technologies and I have also told my reasons for dislike. Rest you can take your own decisions, ExpressVPN is Sold out to Kape Technologies.

In my personal opinion, do try the Nord and the Surfshark First, then you can refer to ExpressVPN. What are your opinions, would you continue in ExpressVPN. Do let me know your opinions in the comment section below. Is there the creation of a monopoly? there might be a possibility of this.

I will tell you the fun fact related to it. There’s a website, vpnMentor, which is a popular website, it is owned by Kape Technologies, So the VPNs Cyberghost, Zenmate, PrivateInternetAccess, and ExpressVPN is also purchased by them

Let’s look at the top recommendations ExpressVPN Sold out to Kape Technologies.

So that is ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, PrivateInternet ExpressVPN Sold out to Kape Technologies. Then the next website is WizCase and the ownership of it is with Kape technologies. All the VPNs recommended by them are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and PrivateInternetAccess.

So do you think a monopoly is created?

There’s a big company that is acquiring ExpressVPN Sold out to Kape Technologies small companies and there are blogs that are providing informational content as well as the software are being acquired. So this is not comfortable in my case. But this can happen gradually. Do let me know what are your opinions

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