Here’re 7 new trends in iOS app development you must know!

As we know, iOS has been a popular platform for introducing new mobile applications. Every new release introduces us to the key features that can make the operating system more competitive.

With the continuous technological advancement, the iOS development was more likely to rule the mobile application development market in upcoming years. So, the new trends are more required to be known by everyone for developing any iOS application.

If you are thinking of developing the iOS app, contact the iOS app development company that follows the new trends. If they know what trends are ruling in app development, they can add the necessary advancement to your application & make it tech-friendly. It also increases the user experience.

Let’s talk about top & new trends in iOS app development!

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI & ML are not new in iOS app development, and one can efficiently perform all the tasks with these technologies. For example, imaging the iOS application without face & voice recognition, Siri assistant, text & image classification, and more related aspects.

All these features have become essential for iOS app development, and they can drastically improve the quality of your product. That is why ML and AI implementation will also remain one of the central iOS trends in the future.

Siri is a well-known Apple assistant who helps users insert a voice command, and the intelligent voice assistant will react to it. Apple also introduced another technology called core ML. It is a framework that allows the integration of ML models such as text, image, and voice into an iOS app.

  • Augmented Reality

This is a famous technology whose main feature is viewing virtual objects in authentic surroundings. It is a considerable addition to photography, clothing, and jewelry applications. This is also the most successfully implemented latest iOS development trend.

Playing games or trying out various outfits can be done with this. With the launch of apps like Snapchat, augmented reality has become a useful feature. All animated masks and stickers on Instagram used daily by subscribers are also AR technology.

  • Security is getting more significant.

The number of hackers is continuously increasing & their method has also changed due to technical advancement. To prevent this, Apple has developed a security-enabled culture that can assist the users in maintaining a safer working environment.

It is critical for businesses to constantly upgrade their security systems to avoid data breaches or cyber-attacks. It’s not just another iOS app development trend; it’s also a company’s commitment to updating its privacy policy with new upgrades. This trend should be taken seriously by iOS app development companies.

  • IoT & HomeKit

The Internet of Things is the best example of how important it is to tie iOS app development to the changes in the daily life of users. It is a technology that allows users to connect all their devices into one system and use them effortlessly. So it can be to unlock doors, watch TV, change thermostat settings, open windows or turn on the light with just one touch on their smartphones.

HomeKit also allows users to perform accessible communication & control different connected automation devices. In addition, users can easily perform further actions to control these devices by managing them together.

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay is very popular in many countries & is very convenient for the users. It is known for its security features and easy payment with one click and is supported on every device of Apple.

You don’t need to keep your card details as it accepts the payment using the NFC feature available on the device.

  •  Cross-platforms & Swift 5

Swift 5 is the leading programming language used by iOS app development companies in developing an app for the iOS platform.

At present, there are various apps in the App Store that are written in Swift language. The developers use this language to get the benefits like simplicity, safety & scalability.

  • CloudKit

Cloud-based iOS apps deserve a special place as they can store, organize, and manage vast amounts of data without affecting the user experience.

It is a data storage & transferring tool that opens a new opportunity for iOS app development. It reduces the limits for performing tasks and meeting the expectations of users.


The newly introduced trends & tools are opening better opportunities & solutions for iOS applications. By following these trends, businesses can grow quickly in the competitive market. You can hire an iOS app development company to enjoy the perks of new trends in your business development.

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