Ramanagara Day Out: Beginners Guide


It can be exhausting to live in a city such as Bengaluru, which is constantly on the move with its fast-paced lifestyle. To slow down the pace of life in Bengaluru, it is important to get out of your comfort zone for at least a few days. It’s possible to take a pleasant drive from the city to Ramanagara which is a peaceful, tranquil district that is surrounded by hills.

The Spot

Ramanagar, located 47 kilometers from Bengaluru, offers a variety of natural wonders, including trekking trails, charming resorts, and camping grounds that will make your life stop for a few hours. Ramanagara is best explored in the morning. You can enjoy the traditional’morning highway brunch’ at a variety of cafes and restaurants along the highway. You might pass Silk Bazaar as you approach Ramanagara. Here, buyers and sellers of top-quality silk cocoons exchange their goods. This is the Silk Capital of India, where you can see the best silk cocoons from all over India.


You might need to drive to the outskirts to camp at Ramanagara. You can find many resorts that offer day-out packages and activities such as Shilhaandara Resort or Baevu The Village, Nature Adventure Camp, Raithanahatti, and Nature Adventure Camp. These resorts are within a 100-km radius of Ramanagara. You can reach them around brunch. Depending on the package you select, a standard day out package will include facilities such as breakfast/ lunch, refreshments, and access to outdoor and indoor activities. After checking-in, you’ll be served refreshments such as tea or coffee. The next step is to explore the caves, go on a zip line, ropeline, paintball, or dive into the pool. Enjoy your day exploring nature and discovering new places. You can choose to order a la carte or a lunch buffet at lunchtime. You can bring your favorite games, such as badminton and cricket bats, or frisbee and football, from home. You can relax in the resorts’ open spaces and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. While some packages include activities that last until the evening, others offer time for you to relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

Ramanagara offers short, beautiful treks that are ideal for day trips if you’re interested in trekking. Ramanagara has numerous campsites and campgrounds that offer basic camping amenities, including water, food, and tents. There are beautiful hillocks like Ramadevara hill, Narayangiri Trek, Sholay shooting hilltop, Ramanagara Ramadevara betta, Handi Gundi and many more. You can trek to these hills, and stop at local cafes or campgrounds for a meal.

You might also consider spending a day in Bannerghatta National Park. You can take safari rides, visit wild animal enclosures, and see waterfalls on your way to the national park.

You can also spend your time in Ramanagara in one of the nearby parks. These parks are great for picnicking. You can bring a quick and easy lunch or buy lunch at one of the nearby restaurants, and then enjoy the cool breeze and trees. Ramanagara’s ecstatic beauty offers endless possibilities for satisfying your needs. You can shop at the local markets nearby to purchase exquisite silk material, clothing, scarves, and other items as the day progresses. To end your day, make sure to visit Rangarayara Doddi Lake Garden. You will see the most beautiful sunsets. You can enjoy a long walk along the shoreline and then spend the evening admiring it from a well-maintained footpath.


You end your wonderful day in Ramanagara at sunset. Then you return to Bengaluru filled with great memories and quality time with your loved ones. After this well-deserved break, you will feel ready to return to your normal life and tasks. Ramanagara, Bengaluru’s closest treasure, is perfect for peaceful weekends and one-day adventures. You don’t have to feel stuck in your home-office-home routine if you feel like you are.

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