When it comes time to purchase pure Shilajit online, it’s quite a maze. With so many vendors offering different capsules, powders, and resins It can be difficult to determine which type of Shilajit is the best. We’ve provided a few suggestions to aid you in making an informed purchase.

1. Find out where and how the product is procured

The first Shilajit buying guideline is to determine what source the company uses to procure its Shilajit and where it comes from. The information should be easily accessible on their website or sellers page. If not, there’s an opportunity that the seller may not know the source because it might have come from one of the Asian wholesalers. However, as increasing demand for Shilajit is increasing it has become a common practice and makes purchasing genuine Shilajit on the internet a bit difficult.

The highest top quality Shilajit resin is harvested from its original location This is the unspoiled Himalayas . We are part of a family from the local area, who have experience in the field of wild harvesting, which means that no big commercial corporations are wandering around the mountains. The distinction is that the family’s livelihood is dependent on the mountains. Therefore, they harvest in a responsible manner and treat their environment with respect.

Once it is collected, the Shilajit is cleaned using an ancient spring water filtering process. This eliminates all particles and impurities, leaving the pure black tar-like resin that we are familiar with Shilajit. Shilajit.


What can I do to determine what Shilajit is genuine? This is an important question that every knowledgeable buyer should be asking. Because Shilajit is natural resin that originates from the mountains and from the core of the Earth It is tested for purity, trace metal levels, and mineral content. A reputable supplier of genuine Shilajit online will have all this information available for you to review.

What is the procedure for Shilajit evaluated? Shilajit resin must be tested at the point of manufacture and in a lab. Testing should verify it is true that Shilajit resin is genuine and that trace heavy metal concentrations (Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and Nickel) are not dangerous and are safe. An accurate analysis should also take into account the mineral content of Shilajit like Fe Mg, Fe, Zn, and Fe.

The United States, if a product has less than 5 mg/kg of trace metal heavy, it is deemed to be ‘not present.’ But we believe honesty is the best way to go and we prefer to be open and honest. We share the trace levels of heavy metals and the mineral content to our clients. There are up-to-date Shilajit certificates of certification along with mineral content analysis reports to view on our website.

Shilajit is 100% authentic. Shilajit is 100 100% authentic and does not have any fillers or excipients.

Unfortunately, not every seller’ Shilajit resin is up to the mark and we hate to say this, however some sellers might not be Shilajit in any way. It’s vital to verify Shilajit test results. If the Shilajit has not been tested in a lab or authorized by a regulatory agency, the alarms ought to be ringing.

Always make sure that your Shilajit is authentic and doesn’t contain thickening agents that can alter the taste and smell. It must be tested in a laboratory and certified to provide proof of its trace heavy metal levels and mineral amount.


Our last tip for buying genuine Shilajit on the internet is to search for a supplier who is accountable for the high-quality of its products and also has credibility. A family-owned business, such as Kashmir Box s proud of its high-end, safe and authentic products. Unfortunately, the larger wholesalers and retailers are typically more concerned with high volumes and speedy sales.

What we think that sets us apart is the attention and care we give to finding, testing, choosing and packing the products we offer. Shilajit products.

We have gone that extra step to test the Kashmir Box Shilajit through the rigorous testing conducted by the Vegan Society and had it certified.

We pick each batch of Shilajit before jarring and sealing them in our UK.

We also make use of UV resistive glass bottles in order to safeguard the delicate nutrients in the natural Shilajit and to prevent molecular decay. We do everything to ensure that you get the best quality product and enjoy all the amazing advantages from Shilajit.


Natural Shilajit resin resembles the black, sticky tar of an earthy and potent smell. It dissolves in water and turns its color to golden. Many people also prefer to add it to milk or hot beverages like tea. That’s Shilajit in its purest and pure form.

You can also purchase pure Shilajit on the internet in capsules and powder form. Similar to Shilajit resin, it’s crucial to reference the buyer’s guidelines we’ve discussed in this article. You should ensure that you purchase Shilajit that has been harvested from wild and ethically sourced sources. It has to be thoroughly examined for trace heavy metal content , and is 100% authentic.

Some sellers make Shilajit powder and capsules an undeserved reputation by selling fake or inferior products. If you purchase the finest quality Shilajit powder and capsules from a reputable seller such as Kashmir Box You can be sure that the Shilajit is pure and provides the same amazing health benefits as resin.

Some people love drinking the natural Shilajit resins in their water, and even applying it to the skin for its benefits . Some like the ease of capsules. Shilajit powder can be added to shakes and smoothies ideal for the pre- or post-workout energy boost.


Are you looking for a place to purchase Pure Shilajit in the online market? The answer is through the Kashmir Box.! We stock natural Shilajit.

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