Top Treks to do in Karnataka – Makalidurga Trek

If you are looking to be wild on your next holiday, you should not overlook the top trekking destinations in Karnataka. Go through the whole article to find the top trekking destinations in Karnataka.

What do we experience in our cities? Traffic jams and pollution-ridden air, potholes, huge traffic jams out of the sky, males who spit on the streets and much more! The most enjoyable escape for people like me and you is to embark on the path to the highest peaks with flowing waterfalls as well as dark forests and trails that are crisscrossed.

The home of huge mountains, Makalidurga Trek Karnataka is a heaven for city slickers. If you’re looking to create an unforgettable experience, hiking in Karnataka is the ideal choice, it’s an unforgettable experience.In Karnatak there are many treks, and you can pick a location for your trek according to your preference of place, timing and your experience in trekking.

Below is a listing of the top trekking spots in Karnataka to trek:

1. Uttari Betta

2. Gokarna

3. Kurinjal Gudda

1. Uttari Betta

Uttari Betta is located 65km away from Bangalore It is considered to be an extremely well-known trekking routes in Karnataka. The area is popular visitors for its daytime hiking and sunrise views which is truly amazing.

The trek begins with the dawn twilight, which allows you to climb the summit, where you can watch the sunrise. The trek is divided into two stages according to the degree of fitness required to go further. The first hike begins at the foothills, Makalidurga Trek and will mark an important milestone when you be able to reach the fort’s wall. Once you have passed through the seven amazing doors, you’ll be able to get towards Shankeshwar Temple. Shankeshwar Temple.

The second summit continues from the temple into the small cave in the forest. With huge boulders strewn across lawns, this second peak offers a feeling of wonder, excitement and excitement. After spending a couple of hours exploring the mountains, snapping pictures and participating in various activities you’ll be able to begin descending back to the trail’s beginning point.

* Difficulty Level: Easy

* The best time to visit Uttari Betta: All the time of the year, leaving monsoons

* Duration: You’ll need to stay for 12 hours.

* Elevation: It’s 3,708 feet.

2. Gokarna

Gokarna town is situated within the Arabian Sea. Gokarna beaches are the most unique in Karnataka. Gokarna beaches are the most distinctive locations for trekking in Karnataka. The beaches of gokarna provide a refreshing hiking experience for hikers by letting them take in the beauty of nature and glimmer sunlight.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable experience of spiritual tranquility and meditation This is the place for you. It will offer you a peaceful vacation. With coconut and palm trees, clean ocean waters and the sand that flares, this area is a popular destination for international travelers than those from India. Apart from the beach it is possible to camp and set up an open fire on Paradise Beach. Numerous boat excursions are available to return to the camping site.

The trek used to begin at the bottom of the beach. From there, trekkers take off towards Kudle Beach, followed by Half Moon and OM beach. After exploring several beaches tourists make their way towards the Mahabaleshwar temple to meditate. When you travel to breathtaking beaches, it is possible to observe typical Indian beach huts as well as a wide variety of birds.

Nearly 47 kilometers from Gokarna is a well-known Yana rock that trekkers describe as the stairway to paradise. The view is encased in stunning wildlife and flora, serene waters and caves that will be an unforgettable memory for you. It is said that the Yana rocks are huge Makalidurga Trek or, as you prefer to say, massive, black rocks in which you can see numerous bats and bee hives all over the place. The Yana Pandava Caves are the one of the most popular tourist destinations.

* Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium

* The Best time to visit Gokaran It is from October through March.

* Duration: 2 days

* Distance from Bangalore 483 kilometers (approx)

* The elevation is 328 feet

3. Kurinjal Gudda

The place is a delight for those who love wildlife and birdwatching since a variety of fauna and flora can be seen along the route. The uneven terrain is dotted with orchids and mosses, which makes the landscape spectacular and stunning.

To start trekking, first need to get to the Kudremukh Park, which you must then go through all the formalities required. The trail of rolling hills the high peaks are an ideal reward for those who love adventure. On your trek you’ll be able to see the Kadambi as well as Makalidurga Trek The Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls. Many trekkers to enjoy camping or bonfires, as well as the bird-watching at Kurinjal Gudda.

* Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium

* The best time to visit All year round

* Duration: One day only

* Distance from Bangalore 294 km

* The elevation is 3,596 feet

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