Your best American girl lyrics


Oh Lyla. Sure love your elegance, but he’s your competitor

He might have been a nice man but you’re a bit of a tease

For the party. After the party.

Oh I’ll be right behind you. Right behind you

I’m so blue on the outside, but sexy on the inside

Girl, and you’ll be next

He said please, please, please, please…

Girl. He was so sweet to me.

Girl. I was so annoying.

He said he’d cut me off, like to film me

He said he hated me

He said you could fool me but you can’t fool me

I was so happy

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And he said you were brave, babe

I swear he was just being dramatic

He was just being short, when really he was sweet

He had never told her about it before, but it was a long time since I’d last had him on a date

And he said I felt very safe around him.

And she was so good to me

And she showed me how you grew up.

She gave me a gift for showing me my big, brown eyes

She allowed me to be vulnerable and positive.

She made me almost seem like the center of the universe

Like it just meant I needed to be loved

She made me believe that I was worth

She made me believe I deserved every little thing life throws at me

So I said that I was ok with you trying me, and it all made sense.

She made me believe that you fell in love with me

Because I really didn’t care that much until you said you loved me

I just fell in love with you, for whom you knew the good and the bad

For your soul to love you.

You made me believe that you cared.

She made me believe that you loved me because you learned more about me

How you made me see it

For the person you are.

She made me believe that you came from a good home.

She made me believe that you’ve really played your cards right.

She made me believe that you’re not what people think you are.

She made me believe that you love your family, and you’re not selfish.

She made me believe that you were kind and genuine

She made me believe that you’ll love me forever.

Best American girl lyrics 2


It makes me happy now that it’s over

You came to my house

I’ll be right by your side

Your coffin lies right in front of me

You’re gone now

…I’ll be right next to my shoulder.

Saving you

Saving you

Saving you

I’m so shocked it’s been such a long time

It was like you were in our cars sitting next to

We’d talk together and no one would leave you out

If someone said something to you,

The apology was

We just hadn’t noticed that you were there

Yeah, we had said you had a drinking problem because you drove the car when you shouldn’t have

A night at a party,

He showed up late.

It was very well put

And you drank more and he wasn’t late and he wasn’t really drunk

And you drank too much.

I didn’t drink and I don’t drink that much.

I haven’t and no I didn’t get lost

We played really slow songs and I don’t really do dance,

I had a good time.

He’s quite experienced.

A moon and sun

That’s never gonna change…

Oh, baby

He said he had to get to work too

Yeah, I know.

But I guess he was heading to the dentist

He kept saying how much he loved me.

This night never ends for me

Who doesn’t need a guy, (sorry man)

But just saying the letter to yourself, it makes me realize

I’m never gonna get over you,

You never gonna grow up

You’ll never find a way to hate on me

I can never forget it.

I swear I’m gon get over you tomorrow,

Then I can go on like nothing ever happened.

He says he won’t be able to cry again.

He’ll be ready to fly away.

Right next year.

He says to my face

I’ll call you tomorrow,

But I can’t be sure.

I’ll call you right back


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