What is digital marketing?

When marketing is done with the help of the internet, computer, and electronic devices, it is called digital marketing.

This means – that marketing a product or service is done digitally. That kind of marketing belongs to digital marketing.

In the past, most of the marketing was done with posters and banners, but in today’s digital age, marketing is done with the help of Social Media, Emails, Websites, etc. This is a new marketing process today.

With the help of digital marketing, any company and organization can reach the targeted customers in a short time. Since it is done through the internet, it is also called online marketing.

Marketing means delivering the product to the right customer at the right time. Most of the customers these days spend most of their time on social media and the internet. That’s why marketing is slowly going digital.

The Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing
Online marketing and offline marketing are two types of marketing agencies that do the same thing. That is to deliver products and services to more customers.

Offline marketing requires a lot of capital to print a career and poster. Because a banner and a poster can only be put up in one place.

But once you create a banner in online marketing or digital marketing, it can be used for a lifetime. This makes it easier to market any product with much less capital.

The importance of digital marketing

When people did not have smartphones in their hands, people used to use TV, Newspaper, magazines, Radio. Then the company could reach out to the customer with advertisements on these things for the promotion of their products. And the specific customer would bring that thing to market if they liked it.

But because most people today have smartphones in their hands, they spend most of the day on platforms like social media.

Because today –

Watching videos on YouTube instead of TV
News is read on social media and blogs instead of newspapers
And listen to music using new applications instead of radio.
This is why marketing agencies take on the responsibility of digitally promoting their products and services.

The biggest advantage and importance of digital marketing is that any type of company, big or small, can easily present the products in front of the target audience at a low cost.

And Internet users can look at those advertisements and shop online and offline. Besides, they don’t have to waste time going to the market to buy products directly from different e-commerce sites.
How to do digital marketing
Here are some basic things to look for when selecting digital marketing:


Blogs are the easiest way to do digital marketing. You can create your own blog and make a list of different products of the company there, you can come to that blog with a target audience and do marketing. You can see what the blog says from here.

Content Marketing

If you do not have your own blog, you can create content and add detailed information about the product. And you can publish that content on their blog by contacting them on other blogs.

Through which the traffic in that blog will come back as a customer of your product.

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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is part of digital marketing. Since a lot of people spend time on social media, you can reach out to them through social media platforms.

You can use popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest for marketing through social media.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising platform created by Google. From the common man to the big companies, Google’s help can give advertising.

Since Google has a lot of traffic, you can spend some money to place ads directly on Google, marketing the product.

Here you will find text ads, image ads, video ads, match content ads, sponsored search, web banner ads, gif ads. You can choose the target audience and take the help of Google AdWords.

Apps Marketing

There are some companies that have created their own applications and delivered them to the users. And when the number of users of their application increases, they find different customers by marketing different products in that application.

However, you do not have to own any apps for marketing. You only need to contact the app owners who will advertise your product in their application.

YouTube channel marketing

Nowadays video marketing is done through YouTube. And the big YouTube channels promote different products in their videos with the help of various advertisements.

You can contact the big YouTubers and discuss the marketing of your product on their channel.

Ways to learn digital marketing

If you are interested in digital marketing, give below
If you want to learn a free digital marketing course, go to Google and search by typing “Google Digital Garage”. You can then go to the Google website and click on the Start Course option, log in with your Gmail account and participate in the course. Where you can learn the whole course through video.

Watching YouTube videos

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video platform today. Where you can watch videos of all categories.

There are many good YouTube channels for teaching digital marketing. You can search YouTube and go to any channel, watch videos from that channel, and gain a good knowledge about digital marketing.

Going to the institution

If you want to learn digital marketing with a certificate, you should enroll in a nearby college or institution. Where you can learn more about digital marketing after completing a specific course.

Read books
There are many books on digital marketing. You can read all those books if you want. You can get ideas about digital marketing books directly from Google. And from there you can choose some books and read them.

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