July 5, 2022

Lab grown diamonds are made in the same way as naturally formed diamonds, and
many people believe they look just as beautiful as the real thing. The main
difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds lies in their origins,
but there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider purchasing one of
these rare gems over its natural counterpart. Here are five reasons why you should
consider lab grown diamond pendants .

Diamond Prices Will Always Be Volatile

The price of diamonds can be quite volatile. In recent years, prices have dropped
from $1,000/carat to around $500/carat. This is due to a slowdown in demand and
oversupply, largely in part because of synthetic diamonds being sold at lower
prices. The reason synthetic diamonds are offered at such low costs is that they
have been produced in laboratories which have much higher production yields than
mines. The higher yield means more affordable pricing for consumers and while
some people might see it as an overall bad thing, it’s a great opportunity for savvy
shoppers who can look into lab grown diamond bracelets (further down on our list)
that cost around 10% less than mined natural coloured diamonds. But keep in mind
that if you’re looking for a particular colour or shape, synthetics won’t do. Also
keep in mind that when it comes to certified colourless diamonds (which make up
70% of all diamonds), synthetics don’t exist yet but they will eventually as
technology advances further. So what does all of this mean? Well… It means there
will always be good deals out there so make sure you’re doing your research before
making any purchases!

The Man Made Diamonds Have A Lower Carbon Footprint Than Mined

Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are carbon neutral, meaning they
don’t contribute to harmful carbon emissions. They don’t have to be mined and
they’re not exposed to additional greenhouse gases or energy during production.
Many scientists have even argued that their production has a smaller carbon
footprint than other common materials, like iron and steel. As a bonus, man made
diamonds are eco-friendly because you can recycle them into new jewelry. This

makes them a great green alternative if you’re trying to go eco-conscious or reduce
your carbon footprint. Plus, these jewels can be recycled forever—instead of being
lost forever in landfills as many mined gems are. After a mined diamond is cut
from its original rock, it typically only lasts about 100 years before it begins to lose
its sparkle. That means it will end up sitting in some landfill for centuries before
finally being destroyed by erosion and weathering. With artificial diamonds on the
other hand, once they’ve been worn out or broken down, you can simply grind
them up and turn them back into synthetic gemstones again. Since there aren’t any
mines involved with these gems, no natural resources are depleted either. Not only
do they offer an alternative to mined diamonds that don’t negatively impact our
environment but also offer sustainability since they last virtually forever!

A Lab Grown Diamond Will Last Longer Than Most People’s Marriage

Compared to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds typically have a greater
number of tiny flaws. These are more resistant to wear and tear than their natural
counterparts, so your lab grown diamond is likely to last through all kinds of life’s
ups and downs. Plus, for many people marriage lasts longer than two
decades—and that’s only if you make it down that aisle without getting divorced!
If you want something to last through life with your partner, think about a lab
grown diamond bracelet or necklace. Lab grown diamonds can be crafted into
almost any shape imaginable: If you love jewelry but aren’t keen on traditional
diamond shapes, lab-grown stones offer an incredible range of options. Some
popular alternatives include round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut and heart
shaped stones. Lab grown diamond rings come in a variety of colours: Not only do
lab grown diamonds come in every colour under the rainbow (they don’t naturally
occur in pink or blue), but they also come in other colors that can be seen outside
of nature like green and yellow.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Lab grown diamonds carry a higher value than mined diamonds, which in turn
means they cost more. However, they’re also less likely to be stolen or
damaged—especially if you keep them in your home instead of at a store or
bank—so that can save you money on your insurance premiums. And because lab
grown diamonds don’t need extensive and often expensive preparation before
being made into jewelry, you can avoid additional costs and come out ahead. If
you want an heirloom piece of jewelry with a guaranteed value, lab grown
diamonds offer an excellent option. Diamonds are forever: Lab grown diamonds

may not be real, but most people wouldn’t know it by looking at them—they’re
nearly identical to mined stones when created by professionals. That makes lab
grown diamonds an excellent choice for anyone who wants something beautiful
but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. While lab grown diamond bracelets might cost
more upfront, they’ll save you money over time and still look great as long as you
take care of them. They’re safer for our environment: Deforestation is one of
today’s biggest environmental concerns, so finding ways to reduce our reliance on
natural resources is essential for ensuring future generations have enough clean air
and water to survive. By choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined ones, we can
help ensure our planet remains healthy even as we enjoy its beauty. Lab-grown
diamonds aren’t just better for us; they’re better for everyone who will live here
after us too!

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