July 5, 2022

Who is there who does not want success and money? Some say that it is just luck, and some believe in struggle, pursuing a course and getting a high paying job. But how will you get a high paying job until and unless you are not qualified? Just qualification is not enough these days to grab a high paying job.

You need to belong to such a field which is trending. Few industries are there that are ruling the world now and hiring talents throughout the year. They can hire talents because the industry is in demand.

For example, the online essay help industry is getting big with time. If the student has a passion or goal in life, that is different. But if the main goal of the student is to grow and earn money, then let’s discuss the top nine courses which are trending right now.

  • Nursing courses – After the global pandemic, the value of health care workers has increased. As a result, nurses are always in demand, and this industry will not face any downfall.

Students can pursue online or offline nursing courses. After practice, they can get a job in any renowned hospital or nursing home based on their skills and knowledge. The median salary of a nurse is $70.000. They have a speculated job growth of 15%. Therefore, it is better to always take nursing courses online to have a hand of experience.

  • Software development course– Name a company that does not have its website or app. Every website you see or every app you use results from the hard work of software developers. Their main job is to maintain the communication between the company and the people through technology.

Students who love coding can pursue Full stack development courses. Or, they can also do a PG Diploma in software development. The median salary in this profession is $103,560 and has at least 24% job growth.

  • Teaching courses– This is another profession in which there is no chance that the industry will face any kind of loss. Because education will always be there, if you have patience and want to spread knowledge to young minds, you can pursue teaching.

Several online teaching courses are available online. However, if you want to teach offline and get associated with any school, you need to give a special exam. The approximate median salary in this profession is $76,000 and has 15% projected growth.

  • Accounting course– Business activities are always increasing. Due to that reason, every business needs an accountant to take care of the accounts or an auditor. After completing, you can do an internship or, if you get an opportunity, then join a full-time job too.

Your mathematics has to be strong because you will deal with numbers. Preferable background to pursue this course in science and commerce. The median salary of an accountant or an auditor is $ 69,350 and has a job growth of 10%.

  • Management analysts– If you pursue this course, you will have to provide solutions to the company and make sure they have profits. Therefore, students thinking of pursuing this course need strong problem-solving skills.

Your median salary as a management analyst will be $82,450, and it has a projected job growth of 14%. In addition, most online education providers these days offer management analyst courses to students.

  • Journalism course– Do you always wanted to be a part of the media industry? Do you have strong reading skills or writing skills? Then you can pursue journalism. In this course, you will be able to know about the nooks and crannies of the media industry.

If you want to be an anchor, you will have to pursue a different course. On the other hand, if you want to write as an editor or be a writer, then advanced news writing courses will be ideal.

This is another industry where the chances of loss are very less. Because news and media will always be there, you will have to do a few internships after completing the course because no media companies hire freshers. After the internship, you can start looking for a job.

  • Digital marketing course– Everything is going digital these days, from online shopping to paying bills. As a result, the digital marketing industry is trending. As a digital marketer, your work will be to develop new strategies to reach your services or products to the target audience. You will be responsible for coming up with new strategies to increase your company’s sales. If you want to pursue digital marketing, you need to be very creative.
  • Social media management courses– People from all age groups are on social media these days. Companies hire social media managers who will manage their social media handles and engage people.

You can also work as a social media manager for celebrities, not just for companies. Your main job will be to keep the profile up to date and increase the number of followers. The median salary of a social media manager is $84,000.

  • Writing courses– The writing industry is at its peak. With time new companies are coming up to deliver essay or My assignment help services to students. If you have a passion for writing, you can do a writing course.

After it, you can work as a freelancer or get associated with a company. If you want to make more money, then you should follow freelancing. You will have to work on essays and assignments and serve university and college students.


These are the top nine courses students can pursue if they want to get both money and success. It will be better to pursue these courses after graduation or after completing their master’s.

Besides money and success, they also need to focus on their passion. Because the high paying job does not give you anything other than money, you will not be able to continue it for long. While choosing courses, always think of something in the long run. If you do something that you love, you will not feel stressed no matter how much the work pressure is.

Choose wisely!

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