Source of Learning English for Children

We all know that English is the international language of communication. Whether it is the USA, Japan, Argentina, India, or Australia we can find English-speaking people, in every country. It may be true that the Europeans, especially the Britishers colonized most of the part of the globe. Through these colonized nations, they spread their customs and tradition, including their language. It is one of the reasons for English speaking in most countries. During the colonized era speaking English was an instrument of maintaining status in the elite society. The best app for child to learn english?There are a lot of apps available on the internet. Some of them are Duolingo, Studycat, Monkey Junior, etc. Learning English has become vital for kids, as it will help them in the future.
Learning to speak and write in English has its perks. Latest highlight them in an orderly manner :
Studying purpose:
\they say if a child is denied education, then it is like cutting off the wings of a child’s future. Education should be accessible to every child. At present most books, especially books written by well-known authors are written in English. So if a child is weak in English, then it will be difficult for him to study and understand the book.
As a way of communication:
we are called social animals because of our interpersonal skills and communication skills. Since English is an international language we prefer English communication in other countries. If you talk about the best schools and colleges for education in developed countries, the English language is preferred in conversation by the students and teachers. So if a child is weak in English, he will have problems soon. If he pursues higher education in those colleges in foreign countries.
Phobia buster:
well, English is an international language, and we all accept that. But it is not the native language of the maximum population of earth. They might learn to write English, but when it comes to spoken English, they are afraid and hesitant. Since they are brought up in schools of non-English mediums, they tense to develop a phobia of speaking English. The trends developing a certain ideology that speaking English is difficult and the people who can speak English are much more complex. So they isolate themselves, unable to overcome the fear of speaking English. Since they are now various mediums of learning English, the children should be taught to read as well as write English at a very early stage of life.

Application in professional life:
a person may be an entrepreneur, a doctor, an engineer, or a simple employee. Today in the days of the internet, we can easily communicate with a person sitting in the extreme corner of the globe. Developing a business and expanding it or increasing the network is very easy. But English plays a vital part, as it is the mode of communication. So if a person, irrespective of his profession, is unable to communicate due to a lack of English knowledge, then it will be a hurdle in the future.
From the above-written pointers, we can easily deduct the benefits of learning English. Its application encompasses both the personal and professional spheres. The app to learn english for child are numerous on the internet, so people should grape the opportunity to teach their children as earliest possible.

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