Tour Of Dubai For The Desert Safari

Lots of tourists from all over the world constantly come to Rajasthan to welcome the old-fashioned charm, great tradition and ceremonial tradition in the neighborhood, and the perfect miracle. But what is it but energetic fortifications, beautiful royal residences, and magnificent monuments that go around like a magnet and attract flocks of guests to this beautiful state of desert safari? The fact is that it is the sand dunes of this amazing dessert express that attracts guests here. A slope of sand created by a gentle or rapid blast of wind is what the Sand Dunes really are. These quiet sand structures live peacefully within 40-45 km of the deserts, away from the vegetation and noise of city life. They can be 3km long, or 1km wide, and no matter how big a large part of a kilometer is, dunes are as slippery as they look, as beautiful as they are.

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Desert Safari Ride:

The breeze is the primary source of framing the sand rises, obviously resembling a pen representing and erasing figures, shapes, and pictures from the ascending material every second. These repetitive structures and figures in the outermost layer of the hills attract vacationers immensely. Sand rises are arguably one of the most beautiful places in all of Western Rajasthan. They are best visited during extended periods from October to February when the temperature is slightly cooler in the Rajasthan desert.

Sand Dune:

The ideal way to join the Ascensions is to take a camel safari in Sam Sand Dunes. A camel safari trip is efficient and the camel owners are very familiar with the settings of the desert dunes. Tourists can be sure that they are fully involved in the organization of these helpers in the magic of the climbs. Rajasthan camel safari is ideal to give you the real experience of enchanting Rajasthan.

Night View:

Sunset nights and evenings are an ideal opportunity to visit the dunes. Set against the twilight sky, the structure of the hill formed perfectly formed shadows of waves and undulating peaks, waves, and undulating crests that completely mesmerized the onlookers. The silvery rays of the moon will radiate their brilliance all over the earth, making the sand shine like a jewel, this beautiful landscape will undoubtedly inspire you deeply. The dance of beautiful people and the musical performance of nearby artists further reinforce the charming appeal of the climate. A short trip into space is an indisputable necessity if you really need to attend to all the sights and tips of this place. Relaxing outdoors, on the sand against the sparkling sky, is an otherworldly experience. Countless travelers have experienced passionate feelings for the tasteless perfection of the ascents – they have a pronounced emotional air.

The sand dunes of the Rajasthan deserts really wake up with a sound and light show during the desert festival in January-February. The occasional dance and music performances will echo in your ears long after you hear them, giving you a hypnotic experience that will last forever.


In addition to a large number of extraordinary places, travelers also appreciate a variety of game exercises that are impossible anywhere in India. Many desert experience exercises like Dune slamming, parasailing and camel.

Camping of desert

At Sam Sand Hills Desert Safari Camps you can evaluate all these exercises in our games called Thrillsa Adventure where you can appreciate all the exciting exercises in the dunes during your stay with us. You can experience the most colorful participation at the Sam Sand Hills Desert Safari camps, because we offer you a great camping stay with a variety of alternatives to browse, plus exercises and sports to appreciate!

Desert Festival:

The Desert Festival is a remarkable part of Dubai desert safari and is deeply entwined with myth and fantasy. If you happen to be in desert , you can be a part of the celebration as the desert is illuminated for three days for constant fun.

You can watch camel races, camel polo, air force shows, fun acrobatics and various exercises. You may also be interested in camel tattoo competition, back and forth, turban tying competitions, cricket matches and this is just the beginning. This is an event that starts with a convoy from Jaisalmer Fort, where residents display traditional dresses and put on fun shows and productions.

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